Enjoying a day of hunting also provides the opportunity to enjoy nature, clean air and open spaces. Do not neglect an important aspect; the detonations of the shots can impair hearing and, in the long term, could lead to hearing loss. Therefore, do not forget to carry in the equipment and use, HEARING PROTECTION. Below you will find a wide catalog with a selection of the best HUNTING EAR MUFFS, in helmet or earplug format, so that you can enjoy your hunting days in complete safety. Only the best protectors, with the best user ratings  


Walker’s Ear Razor Slim Electronic HUNTING EAR PROTECTION

    • Made in the USA or Imported
    • Razor» ultra-thin rubberized cups
    • Two Omni directional microphones
    • Provides sound activated protection over 89 dB at 0.02 reaction time
    • Noise reduction rating of 23dB.
    • Operates on 2 ‘AAA’ batteries– Included

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